The fine print.... so ya.. its not real sophisticated, but I had to drop some fine print down here. Its like this: all the work one this site is copyrighted by nicnichols and 1998 - 2008. Don't steal stuff. Its wrong. If you really like it, shoot me an email and we can work something out, but if I see this stuff on somebody else's site, I hafta call the suits. And no body wants that nonsense. Oh, and if you want me to link to you, send me an email. I try my best to hook you up. If you have a question, email me. There's a link if you scroll up. For the record, all this stuff is shot on real film. That stuff you used to load in your cameras. It came in rolls, then you had to drop it off. That stuff. Thats what I do, I shoot film. So if there is a lack of updates for a few days, I'm probably scanning it. Stop back, bookmark it. Send it to your friends. All of them. Really. If you are on a Mac, Command + I this page and shoot it to your whole address book. Thanks for reading this rant, and if you actually made it the entire way, here's some new galleries NOT posted above... ONE TWO.. Three.. !I'll keep changing them too... Peas. NIC

If you watched Ghost Hunters, or Most Haunted Live, Check out the Eastern State Penitentiary images!

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